2017 ePatient Summit - Agenda

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Registration & Breakfast

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Welcome and Opening Remarks


Stevie Bahu

Samir Batra
Board Member
Conference Chair

Santosh Mohan, MMCi, FHIMSS
Board Member
Conference Chair


Debbi Muro
Interim Chief Information Officer
El Camino Hospital

Susan Bukunt, RN, MPA, CPHQ
Sr. Director, Operations/Safety  
iCare Champion
El Camino Hospital



Morning Track: Patients as Consumers


Opening Keynote

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The Ritz-Carlton Way To Creating A World-Class Healthcare Consumer Experience

It's hard to name a company in any industry with a better customer experience reputation than The Ritz-Carlton. And its legendary approach to customer service involves a lot more than luxurious accommodations. There's so much to learn for organizations in any industry—and especially healthcare—from The Ritz-Carlton's powerful, proven approach to delivering memorable experiences.
Our opening keynoter, Joe Quitoni, from The Ritz-Carlton Leadership Center will unlock the secrets to their customer service sauce and show you how The Ritz-Carlton method can help you fulfill not only the expressed but also the unexpressed wishes and needs of your customers-both patients and consumers. You will be introduced to the skills needed for authentic consumer engagement. You will get to learn about the importance of personalized experiences that will surprise and delight your consumers and how memorable customer service can build patient loyalty and help you stand out from your competition.

You will be introduced to The Ritz-Carlton service model for:

  • Providing anticipatory service that creates passionate advocates of your brand and ensures patient engagement
  • Crafting unique, memorable and personal experiences that prevent your customers-both patients and consumers-from feeling like they are simply another transaction
  • Developing a strategy to ensure consistency in experience and cultivate loyalty
  • Differentiating your healthcare organization from the competition by consistently offering service excellence and clinical excellence

Joe Quitoni, Corporate Director, Culture Transformation, The Ritz-Carlton Leadership Center


Session 2                  SLIDES

The Business Case for Competing on Consumer Experience in Health Care
How to Build Brand Loyalty Through Exceptional Service, Accessibility, and Coordination

Gaining consumer loyalty is becoming increasingly essential for provider success in today’s market, but most hospitals’ current experience strategy is insufficient for building long-term patient loyalty. To win preference and build loyalty, leaders need to move beyond patient satisfaction to fully understand what consumers expect from providers—and then exceed those expectations. Join this session to expand how your organization thinks about health care consumer experience, and understand how information technology can help deliver exceptional patient experience that leads to consumer loyalty.

This session will:

  • Identify the value that consumer engagement can drive for health care organizations
  • Explain the business case for competing on the basis of consumer experience
  • Introduce strategic imperatives to establish a consumer-focused value proposition, set a high standard of transparency, and increase consumer loyalty
  • Highlight new and established technologies required to support these strategic imperatives

Doug Thompson, Senior Research Director, The Advisory Board Company


Networking Break


Town Hall Breakouts / Session 3    

Take a pick from three parallel breakout tracks that give you a closer look at business models, real-world approaches, and tools meeting the health care consumer’s growing demands for choice, engagement, and experience. Each track will present 3 structured real-world case studies in a problem–approach–results format, with presenters answering questions about their technology, strategy, or other related issues on your mind. 

Track 1: Convenience and Access 

Case Study Segment 1 - Video Visits and Same-day Appointments         SLIDES

Milton Chen

Case Study Segment 2 - ZocDoc: Driving Ease of Scheduling      

Pat Saxman
General Manager - Health Systems

Case Study Segment 3 - Stanford Health Care: Bringing Health and Wellness to Where Your Work and Life Meet              SLIDES

John Jackson 
Executive Director of Corporate Health Programs
Stanford Health Care

Jimmy Chen, MD
Medical Director
Stanford-Yahoo Wellness Center

Track 2: Transparency and Service

Case Study Segment 1 - Castlight Health: Pricing Transparency in Action         SLIDES

Howard M. Willson, MD, MBA
Head of Clinical Strategy

Case Study Segment 2 - Stanford Health Care: Shedding Light on Transparency Through OpenNotes and MD Ratings                SLIDES

Lance N. Downing, MD
Medical Informatics Director
Stanford Health Care

Case Study Segment 3 - UCSF: Creating Exceptional, IT-Enabled Service Excellence         SLIDES

Valerie Bednar
Nursing Project Manager
UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital

Track 3: Building Durable Relationships 

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Case Study Segment 1 - Marin General Hospital: Care Coordination             SLIDES

Susan Cumming, MD
Medical Director
Marin General Hospital

Case Study Segment 2 - UCSF and Salesforce: Transforming Relationships with CRM            SLIDES

Mandy Johnson 
Project Manager
UCSF School of Medicine

Kimberly Arnold 
Healthcare Market Leader

Case Study Segment 3 - Humana                SLIDES

Aaron D. Kessinger
National Wellness Leader


Session 4               SLIDES

How to Design a Consumer Strategy That's Right for Your Organization 

So you’ve bought into the idea of consumerism. Now what? How do you begin to understand your consumers—who they are and what their needs and preferences are—and then leverage those insights to drive your business and market advantage? This session will share insights on how to build a customer strategy roadmap and discuss an approach that combines human insights with technology and analytics to deliver exceptional care that generates long-term consumer loyalty. 

Attend this session to:

  • Explore how to structure and manage a customer experience (CX) program with well-defined goals and metrics that yield results in measurable ways, such as in satisfaction scores, retention, and growth
  • Identify capabilities, digital channels, and staffing models required to systematize and ensure a truly great CX
  • Learn how to leverage segmentation approaches (such as patient archetypes and patient risk pyramid) to understand behavioral patterns and preferences of health care consumers 
  • Understand how to create personalized service journeys and provide empathetic experiences that accommodate individual patient needs and preferences, support clinical care, and create more engaged and satisfied patients
  • Dive into the advantages, risks, and ROI of emerging “experience partnership models” that aim to reduce burden on clinical staff by offering empathetic non-clinical services

Sanjay Shah, Director of Strategic Innovation, Dignity Health 
Royal Tuthill, Chief Transformation Officer, Docent Health


Afternoon Track: Patients as Partners

1:15Afternoon Track Kickoff and NorCal HIMSS Updates

Afternoon Opening Keynote Panel / Session 5                  SLIDES

Patient Driven Innovation, Design Thinking, and the Maker Movement

Participatory approaches such as “design thinking” and “maker movement” involving patients and caregivers have the potential to create some of the most innovative health solutions and improve experiences for everyone. But most of healthcare today is lacking the concept of participatory design. This keynote featuring TED Talk styled segments by experts from Mad*Pow, IDEO, and Maker Therapy will discuss how we can move healthcare forward in the continuum of design to complement the three concurrent strands fueling the surge of participatory and DIY mentality today: “I want to do it,” “I can do it,” and “let’s do it together”.

The TED Talk styled segments will:

  • Explore the evolving role of patient as a collaborator, designer, maker, co-creator, and expert 
  • Highlight the importance of human-centered design for redesign of tools, technologies, and systems in healthcare
  • Discuss the importance of the maker movement as a model for encouraging patient-centered participatory design within healthcare

Amy Cueva, Founder and Chief Experience Officer, Mad*Pow

Purpose Driven Design
Purpose driven design can lead our organizations to deliver both social impact and financial return, create better experiences and imagine a better world. Design has helped us to humanize the health system and envision solutions that provide value in the context of people’s real lives. But if the challenges we face today tell us anything, it’s that we need to move past Design Thinking into Design Doing. Cueva will present a model for bringing purpose to the work we do as individuals and organizations.

Grant Wedner and Farzad Azimpour, Design for Health, IDEO

Empathy + Innovation in Healthcare
IDEO is a global design company that builds products, services, experiences, & businesses across nearly every industry. Through the human-centered design process, IDEO is tackling some of the most pressing challenges facing the healthcare industry today. To help demonstrate this approach, the team will share stories and insights from recent healthcare partnerships with a focus on the person seeking care. IDEO will ultimately explore how to enable empathy, inspire innovation, and turn complex experiences into seamless solutions for people and their clinicians in local communities and around the world.

Gokul Krishnan, Founder and Creator of Maker Therapy         SLIDES

Maker Therapy
Maker Therapy (www.makertherapy.com), is an innovative patient experience that provides patients at the hospital with creative outlets, encourage social interchange with others, and at the same time improve patient’s physical well-being. Maker Therapy provides a greater appreciation of the symbiotic relationships between different elements of healthcare. For example, a greater appreciation of the marriage of physical health, mental health, and even emotional health, in terms of sparking creativity, bolstering confidence, and forging a new sense of personal identity. Maker Therapy urges one to think differently about health care — thinking in terms of the interconnectedness of the relationships between elements rather than each one in isolation, and avoiding the compartmentalization of these elements by choosing to take a more holistic approach to healthcare in general.


Workshop Breakouts / Session 6

Take a pick from three parallel breakout tracks that give you a hands-on opportunity to learn how participatory approaches such as Maker Movement and Design Thinking can be used to innovate in health care delivery. During these sessions, interdisciplinary teams will work together, coached by experts, to explore and create “human-centered” solutions (ie. solutions that truly meet the needs of users) to real wellness and health care challenges.


Design Thinking Workshop #1   

Sponsored and Facilitated by: 

Participatory Design by Mad*Pow
In this workshop, Mad*Pow will demonstrate participatory design methods that can help you bring people into the heart of the design process—empowering them as active participants in the creation of products, services, and experiences for themselves. Attendees will get to explore basic participatory service design methods, including fundamental tools and exercises, and learn how to choose activities, frame design prompts, and facilitate design activities to generate the best results.

Design Thinking Workshop #2   

Creativity x Health by IDEO
Bring your ideas to life through ideation and prototyping, so that others can experience your vision of the future. Engage in a range of playful exercises and activities that will bring you onto your feet and inspire creative collaboration on a variety of topics. Take away key stories and lessons from the field from IDEO's top healthcare designers, and discover tangible ways to apply those skills to everyday lives. 

Please bring a charged smartphone device (iOS or Android) to the session.

Making Workshop  

Maker Therapy
In this workshop, attendees will be invited to put themselves in the role of a young patient in a children’s hospital. Using a variety of physical materials (e.g., pill cups, syringes, 3D-printed objects) and digital materials (e.g., littleBits circuits, 3D-printers) provided, participants will be invited to design and invent a “working” device that must fall into one of the following general categories: (1) room decorations; (2) privacy-maintaining devices; (3) gadgets that can depict a patient's mood or state of well-being, and (4) contraptions intended to prank adults, especially nurses. Participants will be provided with an “inventinkering” journal and an instant camera, in which they must document their design and making process and receive “Maker Rewards” along the way for each step completed.

3:30Networking Break

Session 7

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Changing the Conversation: How Patient Preferences Can Transform the Physician-Patient Consult

Having to discern and address patient preferences often adds complexity to health care, but understanding motivations and addressing choices adds value for care delivery. The new health care economy is finding innovative ways to elicit and act on patient preferences and deliver personalization on both the clinical side and the consumer side. This session will explore tools, concepts, and approaches such as shared accountability, decision making tools, and patient decision aids.

Attend this session to:

  • Recognize the urgency to understand and leverage the preferences and expectations that patients bring
  • Identify approaches to inform and influence the preferences that influence behavior and drive cost 
  • Review examples of tools that aim to help patients understand their conditions, assess options and choose wellness and care plans that best fit preferences

Featured Innovation #1:              SLIDES
WiserCare, Inc. - Driving Smarter, More Confident Treatment Choices

Arul Thangavel, MD
VP - Clinical Strategy, WiserCare, Inc.
Attending Physician, Internal Medicine, UCSF School of Medicine

Featured Innovation #2:              SLIDES
Doctella - Empowering Patients with Smartlists

Amer Haider
CEO and Co-Founder

Fahd Khan, MD, MSE, FAANS
California NeuroInstitute

4:15Sponsor Updates

Closing Session: Patient Forum

Join us for a vibrant closing keynote panel session moderated by Sarah Krug from the Society for Participatory Medicine and featuring Voice of the Patient. This is your opportunity to hear from three vocal ePatients who will share their personal journeys navigating the healthcare system, weigh in on emerging models and technologies, and talk about their hopes for innovation. Come prepared to interact and participate!

This session will:

  • Discuss resources and tools available for patients to partner with care teams and caregivers as they navigate their health care journeys
  • Explore tenets of evolving patient – doctor interactions with an emphasis on shared accountability and new approaches needed to enhance a successful partnership
  • Highlight unmet needs and filter the universe of shiny things to weigh in on the emerging approaches resonating with the patient community

Sarah Krüg, CEO, Cancer101; Executive Director, Society for Participatory Medicine; Founder, Health Collaboratory

Parent and Caregiver: Amer Haider, Member of Patient & Family Advisory Council,
El Camino Hospital

ePatient: Mary Schramke, PAMF Patient Advisory Council Member

ePatient: Judy Lin, Sutter Health Patient And Family Advisor

ePatient Community Builder: Roni Zeiger, Smart Patients


Closing Remarks

ePatient Event Chairs: Samir Batra and Santosh Mohan


Networking Reception

Grab a drink and mingle with the other attendees. Our reception is being held in a truly unique museum space which allows attendees to experience the evolution of medical technologies and their impact on healthcare. Among the exciting exhibits of the “Innovations in Health Care” space presented by El Camino Hospital is “Anatomage” -- the world’s first virtual dissection table embedding a 3D interactive digital human cadaver! And yes, you can certainly get your hands on it!