2019 ePatient Summit - Agenda




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Summit Welcome

Presented by Jason Johnson, FHIMSS, Chair, ePatient Summit





Innovative Partnerships Remove Barriers to Patient Transportation

This session will discuss how Alameda Health System partnered with Royal to ensure patients can always get where they need to go with quick and efficient Ride Sharing partner. The panelists will dive into the details of how technology can help alleviate a common barrier for patients - transportation.

Moderated by John Sharp, FHIMSS, Director, Thought Advisory, Personal Connected Health Alliance

Sheila Lyzwa, VP, Care Coordination, Alameda Health System
Steve Grau, CEO, Royal Ambulance
Thomishia Booker, Manager, Care Management, Alameda Health System
Dan Trigub, Head of Business Development, Uber Health





Personalize Patient Relationships and Connect Care Journeys

Imagine acquiring patients from any avenue, personalizing their experience across every interaction, and empowering them with mobile and online tools to stay active in their own health. This session will discuss how technology, and customer relationship management (CRM) in particular, can help you connect to patients in new ways.

Presented by Erik Wagner, Senior Director, Global Provider Strategy, Salesforce






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Quick Sessions: Care Anywhere

These three 20 minute “quick sessions” will showcase how technology is enabling patients to receive care in completely new ways. Gone are the days of a mandatory trip to a hospital or doctor’s office. Thanks to modern apps, patients can utilize telehealth from their smartphone (Call), chatbots on a provider’s portal (Click), or summon a provider to their home or office at their convenience (Come In).

    Call: Video Visits
    Presented by Angie Stevens, Executive Director, Telehealth, Kaiser Permanente
    Click: Virtual Triage
    Presented by Sean Mehra, Chief Strategy Officer, Healthtap
    Come In: Providers Coming to You
    Presented by Renee Dua, MD, Co-Founder & Chief Medical Officer, Heal





Can You Hear Me Now? Voice Enabled Solutions in Healthcare

Finally the use of voice to interact with technology has entered the mainstream -- beyond amusing gadgets. This session will show how voice is changing how patients directly interact with treatments and how providers interact with EMRs and other clinical systems.

Presented by 
Kristi Ebong, SVP Strategy & General Manager for Healthcare, Orbita
Mark Zhang, MD, Medical Director for iHub, Brigham & Women’s Hospital





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SDOH: Removing Barriers and Unlocking Potential

This discussion will cover the Social Determinants of Health, how they impact our local communities, and what healthcare companies are doing to address the impacts today. We will also dive into a conversation about how technology can aid in access to care, help the “whole person” and what is being done in that space today.

Moderated by John Sharp, FHIMSS, Director, Thought Advisory, Personal Connected Health Alliance

Elizabeth Baca, MD, Deputy Director, CA Governor's Office of Planning & Research
Ryan Bengtson, SVP, Clinical Innovation, Connance
Rene Dua, MD, Co-Founder & Chief Medical Officer, Heal





Through the Rubble: The Future of Healthcare

Healthcare is clearly on everyone’s mind, so how can we convert the open dialog about its future into action that will bring us to a new paradigm? This keynote will discuss what the future of healthcare might look like with the day’s topics in mind, but also considering the other factors necessary to achieve a new paradigm. Technology alone cannot solve the problems we face.

Presented by Sara Vaezy, Chief Digital Strategy Officer, Providence St. Joseph Health






Summit Wrap Up

Presented by Jason Johnson, FHIMSS, Chair, ePatient Summit





Networking Wine and Food Reception

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