7th Annual Innovation Conference & Showcase


8:00 AM


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Conference Co-Chairs:

Samir Batra
Founder & CEO
BAHA Enterprises

Santosh Mohan, MMCi, FHIMSS
Managing Director, Digital Health Innovation
Brigham and Women's Hospital

Dr. Gregory O’Brien
President of International Technological University (ITU)

9:00 AM


A Call to Action: Come Innovate in the Open!

Healthcare needs your creativity—and the industry’s shift towards open datasets and APIs is your perfect playground. Allow us to make the case for why serving this market will put your talents to highest and best use and show you the business model that will reward you for the effort.

9:40 AM

Rapid FHIR Demo

Putting Patients at the Center of APIs

Making health data useful to patients is a national priority. Get a glimpse of how APIs are rapidly advancing the ability for consumers and their authorized caregivers to easily get, use, and share digital health information when, where, and how they want it.

10:00 AM

State of the Industry

The History of the Future of Healthcare APIs

Dive into the evolution and the latest on what's happening in the FHIR community from it's top leader. Take away a state of healthcare's standards and preview future direction helping point the way forward for the industry as a whole.

10:45 AM


11:00 AM

Case Studies

FHIR in Action: The Burning Sensation Means it's Working!

Hear about how leading healthcare provider organizations are playing with FHIR to ignite patient engagement and to develop innovative products and services that improve care and boost workflow efficiency.

  • Edwin Martin
    Director of Technology, UCSF Center for Digital Health Innovation

  • Fei Wang
    Principal Software Engineer, Partners Healthcare

11:45 AM

Pro Talks

Unlocking EHRs with APIs and App Stores

Join leading EHRs as they showcase their latest APIs, app stores, and collaboration models. Learn about the different developer programs and their business models and understand how you can partner with these organizations as an innovator.

12:25 PM


12:30 PM


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1:30 PM


If You Build It, They Will Come!

Roll up your sleeves and join specially designed hands-on workshops that’ll give you a deeper technical understanding of developer tools and API libraries for seamless platform integrations. You’ll hear from expert engineers and enjoy interactive white boarding demos.

  • More Disruption Please!Mike Gleichman
    Director of Product Management, athenahealth

    This session will provide an overview of athenahealth’s industry leading API capabilities and Marketplace, complete with a hands-on tour through the athenahealth Developer Portal. Come see how easy it is to build an app on athenahealth’s platform and start making test calls in minutes! Attendees are encouraged to bring their laptops to register for the Developer Portal and follow along.

  • Goodbye, Data Silos!Matt Humphrey
    Solutions Architect, Sansoro Health

    You have a great idea for a health IT application but know it needs to integrate with your customer’s EHR. How can you test your application without access to an EHR environment? Come see for yourself! We’ll show you how our Emissary® proof of concept connects to environments across live EHRs and we’ll explore how customers are leveraging our APIs to enable seamless data exchange.

2:15 PM


2:25 PM

Tech Showcase

New Frontiers in the API Revolution

How do you build a technical foundation of engaging interfaces to drive high-value interactions between different applications and partners? We won’t tell you, we’ll show you! Get up close with cutting-edge developer tools and resources that tech giants are bringing to healthcare.

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3:40 PM

Startup Stories

Flicker or Bonfire? FHIR-ing up your big healthcare innovation

Hear from leading startups on their unique approaches to using API-based technologies in novel, imaginative ways to solve some of healthcare’s greatest challenges. Get practical advice to build, grow, and succeed in the platform economy.

4:20 PM

Closing Keynote

Putting Your Best "Hello World" Forward

Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, and Google have exploited the ubiquity of APIs to upend industries, business models, and create impact. See how you can take a page from their playbook to drive new models of care and delivery that fully harness the cloud and APIs to transform healthcare.

5:00 - 6:30 PM

Networking Reception

APIs and IPAs

We'll be putting your two favorite things together: Code and Cold Brews!

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