ePatient 2020 - Reimagining Non-Emergency Transportation

May 13, 2020


Dan Trigub, Head of Uber Health @ Uber Health

Mike Dunne, Vice President of Healthcare and Transit @ American Logistics

Matt Yao, Product Manager @ Uber Health


Access to transportation is a key social determinant of health that disproportionately affects vulnerable communities like the elderly, low-income, or chronically ill. Since launching two years ago, Uber Health has worked with leading industry partners to identify challenges within the non-emergency medical transportation space and build solutions to expand access to care. Uber Health’s HIPAA-secure solution sets up Uber transportation for patients between their homes and healthcare facilities, offering a seamless, stress-free experience that can serve anyone, including those without cell phones, credit cards, or Uber accounts. Uber Health meets patients where they are, ensuring technology is never a limiting factor in getting someone the care they need. In this session, Dan Trigub, Head of Uber Health, will discuss the impact of ridesharing solutions and give a glimpse into the future of NEMT transportation, sharing case studies from various Uber Health partners, including Mike Dunne, VP of Healthcare and Transit for American Logistics.

Speaker Bios

Dan Trigub leads Uber Health. Before Uber, Dan spent 2.5 years at Lyft as Regional VP of Strategic Partnerships with a focus in healthcare. He previously spent time working in Business Development at eBay and founded several companies including OpenPlacement, a care coordination platform allowing hospital professionals to connect with post-acute care providers for their patients at the moment of discharge.

Before becoming an entrepreneur, Dan worked in consulting and was an Associate at GCA Savvian Advisors, an M&A and Capital Advisory Investment Bank in San Francisco, where he represented emerging technology, digital health, and healthcare providers. Dan holds a degree in economics from Vassar College.

Mike Dunne is currently the Vice President of Healthcare and Transit for American Logistics. Mike has been with American Logistics for 11 years. Prior to American Logistics, Mike has over 15 years experience in SaaS, sales, marketing and strategy. Key to the passenger transportation industry, Mike managed Business Development for a leading Economic Resource Optimization Solution Provider, specializing in Strategic Routing and Optimization for Product and Human Service Supply Chain management. A keen understanding of managed coordination between today’s latest technological advancements and the wisdom of passenger transportation management has enabled Mike to communicate the benefits of the American Logistics specific to individual program needs.

Matt Yao is a Product Manager on the Uber Health team. Matt strives to create magical experiences for healthcare enterprises and the patients that they care for by leveraging Uber’s core technologies. Prior to joining Uber Health, Matt was part of Uber Maps working to build frictionless pickup and dropoff experiences in the Uber app. He previously worked in various product and engineering roles at companies such as Capital One, Roblox, and Under Armour. He also spent time in the Proprietary Research division at Light Street Capital, a Palo Alto-based investment management firm and is also a Product Fellow at Kleiner Perkins, a leading venture capital firm based in Silicon Valley. Matt holds a degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science with a focus in Entrepreneurship from the University of California, Berkeley.