ePatient 2020 - Whole Person Care: Novel Approaches to Telehealth

April 9, 2020


Moderator: Wayne Pan, MD, PhD, Chief Medical Officer @ mynurse.ai and Global Medical Director at BioMarin Pharmaceutical Inc.

Panel participants:

  • Dheeraj Kamra, MD @ Sutter Health IPA
  • Johnny Chen, Director of Medicare Products @ Kaiser Permanente
  • Joy Scott, RN, BSN, ONC, Vice President Clinical Operations @ AllWays Health Partners
  • Maxine Brookner, PhD, Patient Advocate


The Human Touch: The trials and triumphs of implementing telehealth solutions in Medicare chronic care management

Medicare patients with chronic conditions make up a huge percentage of clinical visits and consume an even larger share of healthcare resources. And for good reason: These patients are at higher risk of a major health event that could lead to death. Despite this, many spend only a few hours per year at their doctor’s office due to outside socioeconomic factors. While telehealth can be seen as a natural solution that will fill these care gaps, challenges abound – from patients who struggle with adherence and less-than-intuitive tools, to independent physicians with limited time and resources, to health care payers charged with minimizing cost while maximizing positive health outcomes. Come learn how each of these players has navigated these challenges at each stage of telehealth implementation and the successes they’ve found in pursuit of solutions that work for Medicare patients, payers and providers.

Dr. Dheeraj Kamra will discuss the challenges of implementing telehealth solutions as an independent physician and the impact new technology has had on his efforts to manage the health of his chronic care Medicare patients.

Johnny Chen, Director of Medicare Products at Kaiser, will provide the perspective of an integrated health system developing solutions and integrating third-party tools to address the needs of high-risk seniors, in addition to leveraging the resources of the local community to address social determinants of health.

Joy Scott, Vice President of Clinical Operations at AllWays Health Partners, will provide the payer’s perspective and discuss how clinics can best be transformed and streamlined through artificial intelligence, automation and other technology, leading to better disease and case management and lower total medical cost.

A local chronic care patient advocate will provide much-needed perspective on the day-to-day impact of using telehealth to manage a chronic condition, touching on the challenges of adopting new technology and the importance of combining tech solutions with a human touch to build trust, confidence and positive health outcomes.

The panel will set aside ample time for audience participation and discussion and should provide attendees with a focused overview of the risks and rewards of implementing telehealth and other tech solutions in the Medicare and chronic care patient populations from the point of view of the patient, provider and payer.

Speaker Bios

Dr. Wayne Pan is the Co-Founder and CMO of mynurse.ai as well as the Global Director of Medical Affairs at BioMarin Pharmaceuticals. He has 30+ years leading strategy at organizations like Genentech, Clover Health, San Francisco Health Plan, and Santa Clara County IPA. He holds an M.D./Ph.D from Mt Sinai and an MBA from Wharton.



Dr. Dheeraj Kamra is the founder of Capitol Internal Medicine Associates & Hospitalist Group as well as the co-founder of Panoramic Health Innovations, Inc, a healthcare technology company addressing the siloed nature of electronic health records. He is trained as a General Surgeon in India before focusing on Internal Medicine after arriving to the United States, studying at the University of Rochester Medical Center and Drexel University’s MCP Hospital in Philadelphia.



Joy Scott is the Vice President of Clinical Operations at AllWays Health Partners in Boston before serving as COO of CarePoint Health System and Director of Claim Policy Implementation for Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey. She has a Bachelor's in Nursing from Glasgow Caledonian University.



Johnny Chen is the Director of Medicare Products at Kaiser Permanente. Previously he served as the Director of Operations for Population Health at HealthCare Partners and Director of Special Projects at DaVita Kidney Care In Los Angeles. He has an MBA from Columbia Business School and B.S. from Northwestern University.



Dr. Maxine Brookner is a leader in the field of senior living, senior health and wellness, and senior health care. She is a board member for Interfaith Housing, a Fellow for Startup Leadership, and a member of the American Society on Aging, Silicon Valley Health 2.0, and Health Technology Forum. Maxine has a Ph.D in Urban Studies from USC.