ePatient 2021 - Webside Manner: Strategies for Video Visit Success

February 25 @ 4:20 pm

The pandemic led to an explosion in Virtual Care as a way to promote social distancing, while maintaining continuity of clinical care. CMS reimbursement changes loosened regulations for “site of care” and “mode of communication,” which also helped spur this adoption. Many other organizations have covered the basics of implementation, picking a vendor, and understanding the patient perspective. However, this presentation will focus on strategies to optimize the “Video Visit” or synchronous audio-visual communication. 


Matthew Sakumoto, MD

Assistant Clinical Professor at UCSF
Primary Care Physician, PlushCare

Matthew Sakumoto, MD is a primary care physician at PlushCare (a national virtual primary care practice) and a recent graduate of the Clinical Informatics fellowship at UCSF. He has extensive experience in video visit implementation and optimization in a variety of practice settings including large academic systems, small community practices, and multiple telehealth startup platforms.