Population Health Webinar: Trends in Technology

November 4, 2:00pm, PST - 3:00pm, PST


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This month's webinar addresses the latest technology trends to enable the aggregation of patient data across multiple health information technology resources, the analysis of that data into a single, actionable patient record, and the actions through which care providers can improve both clinical and !nancial outcomes. The technology addressed in this webinar includes the electronic Medical record (EMR), the physician’s source of patient health data, data integration with the EMR utilizing Apple’s HealthKit, and data analytics tools to help identify those patients who have actionable health trends. Dr. Kumar will address Technology Trends in Population Health Management using Type 1 Diabetes as an example. The EMR is the ideal home for the most important chronic disease outcome measures and Dr. Kumar will review key aspects for successful integration of continuous glucose monitor (CGM) data from children with type 1 diabetes in the EMR. He will explain how passive data communication is achievable utilizing Apple’s HealthKit for a secure interface between the Dexcom CGM monitor and the Epic EMR patient portal app. He will explain why there was no signi!cant active effort required from the patient or provider after the initial set-up to integrate their CGM data into the EMR database. With integration of patients’ home CGM data into the EMR, data was available for population based triage analytics to help identify those patients who have actionable trends. This helps to focus provider resources on the patients who need them most. The CGM data in the EMR facilitates assessment in the context of other data variables for a given patient and across patients within a given population, increasing understanding of optimal diabetes management plans/precision Type 1 Diabetes care.

Learning Objectives

  • How new technology has improved the population health management.
  • Passive data communication between the Continuous Glucose Monitoring Device and the Epic Electronic Health Record using Apple’s HealthKit.
  • How passive data communication can allow the provider to care for the patient based on actionable trends


Dr. Rajiv Kumar
Clinical Assistant Professor
Pediatrics, Endocrinology and Diabetes
Stanford Children’s Hospital

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