Sacramento Meetup - The Mindset of a Hacker - Tackle Digital Security Together

November 9, 6:00pm, PST - 8:00pm, PST

Sutter Center Patrick Hayes Learning Center
2700 Gateway Oaks 
Sacramento, CA 95833


We have an adversary in common: the hacker. This cat and mouse fight with no end in sight brings out the good, the bad and the ugly, and the hacker will likely succeed at some point. You don't even have to be a target to become a victim -- they may just get lucky! Every one of us shares this concern, so we need to be in this fight together. While we will sometimes lose a battle, together we must win the war. But how? Where can we find an edge?

Knowing your enemy is a great place to start. Join us as we discuss the hacker's mindset, and how understanding it will be of value to all of us. We'll also cover how working together enables you to stay focused on digital security.

Presenter: Julian Garcia is a Security Engineer at SecureWorks, contributing to digital security solutions and tackling these problems head-on with thorough communication and focus on protecting data. His background is in firewalls, routing and switching, and most recently, endpoint security technologies and methodologies. In the industry for over 15 years, Julian has experience in ISPs, retail, publishing, health and finance organizations.

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