Fall 2016 Newsletter ♦ Improvements to HIMSS Membership Analytics

By Andy Hilliard, CPHIMS

Did you ever wonder where NorCAL HIMSS members live, or which organizations they work for? The NorCAL HIMSS Board spends time each month reviewing membership demographics and trends in order to understand our membership and to tailor events and communications so that they are accessible and useful to as many members as possible.

To better support the Board’s work, a modest analytics project has been kicked off, led by NorCAL HIMSS volunteers David Yue and Andy Hilliard, CPHIMS. The project will bring several improvements to the existing analytics approach:

  • Membership data will be moved from a desktop database to a secure Microsoft Azure cloud environment.
  • Processing of monthly data received from HIMSS National will be automated to address data quality issues (for example, the monthly file currently contains five different permutations of “Stanford Children’s Hospital”).
  • Historic membership for the past 24 months will be loaded to the database, to enable time-series reporting and trend analysis which was not available previously.
  • Microsoft PowerBI will be used to analyze membership geographic distribution and clustering, to better understand where members live and work.
  • The impact of events on membership will be studied, to better understand the relationship between specific event types and member sign-ups.
  • Member retention rates over time will be analyzed, to help the Board craft events and services of value to long-time members as well as new members.

Security and privacy are top priorities with this initiative, and all membership data is maintained in secure and controlled environments. 

In future communications, the Board will share the results of this work, including insights into the NorCAL HIMSS membership demographics and trends. 

If you have any questions about this initiative, feel free to contact Andy Hilliard at andy@hscollaboration.com.

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