Fall 2016 Newsletter ♦ The NorCal HIMSS Education Committee Rocks!

By Margit Chapman

Chaired by Dr. Nik Tehrani, the Education Committee (EC) is very actively planning the 2016 education programs to fulfill the committee’s mission: To foster professional growth through education and collegiality among our members and allied healthcare professionals in the Northern California Region. This will be accomplished by offering events that prepare the members for professional certifications and advance their knowledge and skills in the management of healthcare information technology.

Programs being planned will support advancing the knowledge of IT enablement for patients and the related impacts to providers, clinicians, payers, and technologists involved in healthcare enterprises. The focus of the various sessions will be on the challenges and the leading edge solutions for patient-centric consumerism involved in the evolution to value based care and health self-management. Experiences and outcomes in the form of case studies will be presented in the planned educational events, in the webinar series, on-site conferences, and Meetups.

The CPHIMS Certification Program was well received last year and will be continued with sessions offered in various California locations to meet the needs of our membership. The successful Meetup sessions will also be at various Northern California locations to encourage local participation and educational expansion. We are experiencing great enthusiasm from many corporations to sponsor and host events at their facilities.

With great support and involvement by the newly installed NorCal HIMSS Board members, the committee is thriving and aggressively moving forward with plans. Please acknowledge the excellent efforts being led by the following sub-committee Program Directors and Committee members:

Mariana Hu – Meetups
Cathy Coleman – CPHiMS Certification and Healthcare Informatics
Naoko Okumoto – Webinar Series
Allison Dadoun – Quarterly Newsletter Support
Lauren Mock – Quarterly Newsletter Support and Meetups
Pamela Terry – Outreach Training Programs Under Consideration
Margit Chapman – Co-Chair and EC Communications

Monthly conference calls led by Nik Tehrani keep the plans moving forward and are supported by President-Elect Jim Bloedau to facilitate overall coordination with the NorCal HIMSS Board and to drive appropriate chapter resource utilization to effectively support the committee efforts.

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