Fall 2016 Newsletter ♦ Summer Social: Leading The Integrated Life

By Sherri Douville

Co-Chaired by Jason Johnson and Michelle Heimann, HIMSS NorCal hosted its Summer Social on July 21 at Rosenblum Winery in Oakland. When people think about Health IT, they might imagine a SysAdmin in a server room or a programmer working alone, staring into the computer screen. Health IT and the NorCal Chapter in particular boasts a broad, multidisciplinary membership, which includes health system executives, physicians, nurses, informaticists, consultants, vendors, IT professionals and others in the Health IT ecosystem who all bring different skills and backgrounds to the party.

Sixty members attended the social, and while they enjoyed wine and snacks, we overheard follow-up meetings being set, committees being iterated, sponsorships being secured, training programs being planned and a general exchange of knowledge. We are glad that members take the time to network with other members. Health IT is such a broad and complex endeavor that it really takes a team to win, both inside and outside your own organizations. HIMSS is a great way to augment your team in a fun way. Thank you to Jason and Michelle for your initiative, and thanks to those of you who joined us!

Past President, Nancy Hall, and Board Member Michelle Heimann welcome attendees.

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