Spring 2018 Newsletter - Agenda Highlights for the 2018 ePatient Summit

By Dr. Robert Wilkov, ePatient Summit Committee

We are proud to announce the 6th Annual ePatient Summit on May 3, 2018 in Robertson Hall at the UCSF Mission Bay Conference Center.

The ePatient Summit promises to be the largest and most exciting clinical event of the year. It focuses on the key challenges and solutions to engage patients across the continuum of care, a key element of the IHI Triple Aim framework. 

Who should attend? Physicians, Nurses, CxOs, Clinical Informatics, IT Professionals, Health Innovation Leadership, Care Coordination Managers, Entrepreneurs and anyone passionate about improving the delivery of care are welcome.

This year’s ePatient Summit will host a spectrum of industry leaders, experts, and patients who will analyze the failed promises of connected patients and interoperability and how we can change the game. The day starts with a discussion around the current shortcomings of interoperability through the lens of patients evacuating from Hurricanes Maria and Irma. We will then interactively discuss solutions to this problem, like using FHIR and data analytics, before discussing how to get to a truly connected patient and what to do once we are in that reality.

The keynote speaker is Shannon Wright, Executive Director of IPRO ESRD Network of the South Atlantic (NW6), who works with facilities and patients in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia. Ms. Wright remotely oversaw the triage and transfer of patients to Atlanta and Florida from Hurricanes Irma and Maria. Despite every patient having electronic records, she had to resort to using a spreadsheet to manage care because of the lack of connectivity between the systems. This talk will serve as a bleak, but engaging, problem statement that will inspire us during the solution sessions later in the day.

The afternoon kicks off with a session called “Patient Stories: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.” Moderated by Justin Graham, MD., a curated panel of patients will tell stories that will make you smile and cringe, and serves as inspiration not only for why we work in healthcare, but also for why we should work to patch the potholes in Health IT. Dr. Graham is the Chief Innovation Officer for Hearst Health, where he leads innovation strategies for creating new technology and content-enabled solutions to improve patient outcomes and drive efficiency.

Dr. Graham’s panel will be followed by a session called “Stories from Around the CampFHIR.” This session serves is the first “solutions” session, and will be led by Chris Fierer, Director, Innovation at MedFusion. Mr. Fierer is an established interoperability expert who will talk about technologies that can bridge the gap between disparate systems and improve care delivery.

The next session is entitled “Use What You’ve Got: Success Stories from UCSF.” Sara Murray, MD and Russ Cucina, MD will enlighten us with how UCSF extracts value from data they have already captured instead of jumping into the coolest new AI and Machine Learning technologies through lively case studies. Dr. Murray is an Assistant Professor at the UCSF School of Medicine, and Dr. Cucina is the VP of Health Informatics and Chief Health Information Officer at UCSF.

The final panel of the day will roll up the problems and solutions we have learned about throughout the day into actionable takeaways. Our panelists with backgrounds in policy, innovation, startups, and medicine will discuss how to overcome the barriers to getting patients and systems truly connected. This panel will be moderated by Christina Caraballo, Director of Health Transformation at Get Real Health. The four prominent panelists are:

  • Santosh Mohan, FHIMSS, Head of the More Disruption Please Labs, athenahealth
  • Michael Blum, MD, Chief Digital Transformation Officer, UCSF
  • Justin Graham, MD, Chief Innovation Officer, Hearst Health
  • Lucia Savage, JD, Chief Compliance Officer, Omada Health & Former CCO, ONC

Nurses who attend this program will receive certificates for 3 CEUs. Physicians who attend this program will receive 4 CMEs.

We hope you are able to join us for this fantastic event. Register for the event here: bit.ly/epatient18

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