Student Internships

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HIMSS (Health Information and Management Systems Society) Northern California is committed to furthering the educational experiences of Health Information Technology (HIT) students by facilitating internships at Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHC’s) and Community Clinics. The program has two basic goals:

  • To provide a student majoring in HIT with hands on experience in a clinic where technology is in use or being implemented; and 
  • To provide the clinic or health center a resource to help further their use and/or adoption of IT in a healthcare environment.

HIMSS Northern California is working with private and community colleges to select students who are eligible for the internship program. The student must be majoring in an HIT subfield and be interested in furthering their learning experiences by working in a FQHC or Community Clinic. Positions in the clinics will vary and could involve working directly with the clinic’s IT department or working with HIT system users, such as clinicians and/or staff. Possible work assignments could include: 

  • Working on ICD-10 Conversion 
  • Studying clinic workflow and helping define gaps and improvements through use of electronic health records
  • Learning about CMS or other incentive / improvement programs and helping Providers achieve relevant or required quality measures.  
  • Helping implement Patient Engagement strategy 

Internships will last for a period of 3 consecutive months. The tasks assigned will be meaningful for the intern, provide insight and hands-on experience with the technical aspects of HIT. The selected intern will be matched with a mentor at the assigned clinic as well as a mentor from HIMSS Northern California to help with any coaching or questions that may arise. Further, HIMSS Northern California will provide a scholarship amount of $3,000 to the intern, payable in three increments during the internship. The first payment will be dispensed when the intern starts working, the second will be paid halfway through the internship (approximately week 6) and the final will be paid within 4 weeks of the end of a successful internship, as measured by the employer review form. An employer/mentor review form will be required at the middle and endpoints of the internship.

Please complete the application below if you are interested in applying for an internship. Students are also required to submit a letter of reference from an academic faculty member familiar with the applicant’s goals and progress.

In order to support the coaching process as well as foster wide exposure to the HIT industry, students will be required to become a Student member of HIMSS ($30.00 fee for a chapter membership will be waived) and volunteer on one of the HIMSS Northern California Chapter committees. Committee selection will be determined after the intern is accepted into the program. 

If you are interested in participating in this internship program, please complete the application below and return it with a letter of reference to: Kim Snyder, HIMSS Northern California Education Chair and Board Member at Large:

Download Application Here