Summer 2016 Newsletter

Message from the President

Dear Northern California HIMSS Chapter Members,

It is my pleasure and honor to accept the position of the incoming President for the Northern California Chapter of HIMSS for the 2016-2017 fiscal year. We have already begun planning and strategizing the events and programs coming up in the new year, and I am so excited for what we have in store. Our agenda for the year is filled with events providing exceptional educational content, networking opportunities, advocacy, and exploring the trendsetting technology that only the Bay Area can provide.  It is our commitment to our membership base, not only to provide cutting edge programs, but also to offer them in a variety of locations to accommodate our geographically diverse membership base. We have launched a MeetUp program this past year to accommodate those challenges. Please check our website for further details. 

The Northern California chapter of HIMSS will continue its mission to enrich the professional lives of our local members and community in a variety of ways. In a changing healthcare landscape, the Chapter continues to engage, understand and transform to meet the needs of its growing membership base. I welcome any questions, comments, or suggestions you may have to continue to improve our chapter. If you are interested in volunteering, we have a variety of opportunities available. Please feel free to e-mail for further information. It is an honor to serve this chapter, and I look forward to speaking with you at one of our upcoming events and programs this year. 

Best Regards,
Stevie Bahu
HIMSS Northern California Chapter 


40 NEW CPHIMS, 62% INCREASE IN CHAPTER - Shatters Previous National Participation and Exam Records!

By: Jim Bloedau, Innovation Chair, Education Committee Member and Board Member

On its first try at providing a CPHIMS review course and testing, the Northern California Chapter has set new records in class size, highest individual score (90%), highest class pass rate (78%) and same day testing (59) nationally.   A class split between April 6th and 7th at the Contra Costa County Health Services facilities in Martinez and the Northern California Chapter CPHIMS review course hosted April 8th at the University of San Francisco, Pleasanton campus, produced sixty-three CPHIMS review course participants with fifty-nine of those taking same day exams - obliterating the previous records held by the Southern California chapter!  It is anticipated that this will move the Northern California Chapter from tenth place in total CPHIMS to third nationally with one hundred and five CPHIMS. 

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Joint Team California (Both Northern & Southern)HIMSS is Honored by California Lieutenant Governor

By: Sherri Douville

Congratulations are in order to the joint effort of the Northern and Southern California HIMSS chapters and our advocacy teams. California State HIT day, which was held on May 25 was given a Certificate of Honor signed by Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom.

The Co-chairs of the event, Ian Slade Vice President, Advocacy, SoCal HIMSS, Martha Dameron, At-Large Board Member & Chair, Advocacy Committee, NorCal HIMSS, and Shanti Wilson, Co-Chair for the event together with John Petring, John Conklin, Michelle Heiman, and Danica Ramos planned an exceptional and educational day for HIMSS members in California.

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Engaging Patients in Population Health Across the Care Continuum

By: Dr. Robert Wilkov

The Patient Engagement committee had a very busy and successful year. It ran an outstanding series of Webinars starting in October, 2015. The webinars covered topics ranging from Patient Engagement, to Chronic Care Management, to Population Health. Webinars were well attended and set the stage for an outstanding event that was held at Stanford Event on April 5, 2016.

The webinars were run jointly with HFMA and the Bay Area Nursing Informatics Association. The webinars dealt with the following topics:

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What Does the Analogy of Money Ball Have To Do With Healthcare? – Analytics Literacy

By: Sherri Douville and Jim Bloedau
Made famous by the movie Moneyball, the Oakland A's EVP and minority owner Billy Beane used simple statistical analyses to develop winning teams – healthcare is going through the same evolution and will be one of the subjects covered in upcoming chapter events.

Planning for the 2017 Innovation and Showcase Conference and upcoming Meetups is well under way. Both the chapter’s Innovation Conference chair, Jim Bloedau and Meetup Program Director Jason Johnson are passionate about upgrading the attendees’ experience and content for both programs while optimizing the contributions to the professional growth of the membership.  

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