What Does the Analogy of Money Ball Have To Do With Healthcare? – Analytics Literacy

By: Sherri Douville and Jim Bloedau
Made famous by the movie Moneyball, the Oakland A's EVP and minority owner Billy Beane used simple statistical analyses to develop winning teams – healthcare is going through the same evolution and will be one of the subjects covered in upcoming chapter events.

Planning for the 2017 Innovation and Showcase Conference and upcoming Meetups is well under way. Both the chapter’s Innovation Conference chair, Jim Bloedau and Meetup Program Director Jason Johnson are passionate about upgrading the attendees’ experience and content for both programs while optimizing the contributions to the professional growth of the membership.  

Planning thus far has the Innovation Conference and Meetups including sessions and events addressing the explosive need for literacy in data systems management and advanced analytics. Our July Meetup will focus on classic analytics, business intelligence, and governance done through enterprise data warehousing (EDW) and related projects. At our January Innovation Conference we will include a session specific to more advanced data strategy, use cases in data governance and frameworks for management of unstructured data. We’ll hear how leading organizations are looking at their data warehouse with a view toward how they are using emerging tools to optimize their clinical and operational performance.  

Ultimately, the grand clinical goal of great data management is providing the right amount of care, in the right setting, and at the right time. In order to be successful with this kind of innovation, organizations will need to start and accelerate a solid governance footing for accessing their data warehouse. This is no easy journey - Gartner has tracked an 85 percent failure rate in these endeavors. 

As Dr. Josh Tamayo-Sarver observes, “comparing real-time predictive analytics and business intelligence is like comparing a radar detector to being caught by a policeman in terms of benefiting from real time, predictive information vs. retrospective data.” He continues, “natural language processing is not truly ready for primetime in medicine to give decision support to treatment at the patient level.” At the Innovation Conference, Sherri Douville will moderate a session that explores how we can develop a winning data strategy to make the most of and even extend the EDW?  

We thank all our physician panelists and advisors for sharing their expertise with the planning committee. The conference committee will continue to make clinical input central to discussions around data and technology strategy and are eager to hear member perspectives as well.  

Upcoming Meetup:

July 14th, 6-7:30:  Elevate Analytics through Scalable Data Governance. Terri Mikol, Director, Data Governance Office, University of Pittsburg Medical Center


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