Winter 2017 Newsletter ♦ How Do You Innovate What You Can’t See? Searching for the Unknown

By Jim Bloedau, BS-MT, RRT, CPHIMS, President Elect, Innovation Chair, Northern California HIMSS

Innovation is a well-worn term these days. If you Google “what is innovation,” 107 million listings appear, which contain thousands of definitions. We use words like change, revolution, transformation, breakthrough and modernization to describe what we used to call “new,” or today, what we call “innovative.”

In the past, much of what we called health information technology (HIT) innovation was in fact the automation of manual processes like digitizing patient care processes. These “breakthroughs” were mostly designed to manage volume and came from ideas that were in plain sight, created reasonable value and well lit by the continued drudgery caused by doing nothing in the face of better ways offered by modern technology.

Today, innovation models that reward clinicians for improving patient outcomes rather than volume of care are being matched by HIT as it transitions to a post EHR era. The hallmark of this shift is how clinical innovation is turning toward smaller value-care projects. The key component of this trend is that merely automating a task is taking a back seat to real-time analysis of key performance indicators related to the task or workflow. The goal is to make healthcare more predictive and prescriptive through meaningful information and insights that optimize processes.

Ultimately with innovation, we attempt to discover unknown opportunities to meet healthcare’s challenges, and from there create value for both the enterprise and customer – yet another definition of innovation.

At our Fifth Northern California HIMSS Innovation Conference and Showcase on January 12, 2017 at the Intel Auditorium in Santa Clara, we will explore the challenge of shining the right kind of light on potential value creating processes so we can identify the hidden opportunities for innovation. We will explore this from the physician, analyst, innovator and venture perspectives. 

Join us and hear leading thoughts on innovation from our esteemed speakers:

  • Bob Rogers, PhD, Chief Data Scientist, Intel
  • Joshua Newman, MD, MSHS, GM Healthcare,
  • Larry Stofko, MS, Executive Vice President, The Innovation Institute
  • Neil Veloso, MBA, Executive Director, Technology Transfer, Johns Hopkins Technology Ventures
  • Dan Galles, MBA, Partner, Providence Ventures
  • Josh Tamayo-Sarver, MD, Director of Clinical Data Analysis and Research, CEP America
  • Steve Barlow, Co-Founder and EVP of Client Operations, Health Catalyst
  • Oscar E. Streeter, MD, FACRO, Center for Thermal Oncology
  • Mitesh Rao, MD, System Patient Safety Officer, Stanford Health Care
  • Zeeshan Syed, MD, PhD, Director of Clinical Inference and Algorithms Program, Stanford Health Care

Who should attend: C- Level, Physicians, Nursing Informaticists, IT Professionals, health innovation leadership, venture capitalists, entrepreneurs, startups and anyone involved with and passionate about improving the delivery of care.

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